Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently

Wow!!!  Say it isn't so - is it really August already???  Did we have a summer break?  It sure don't feel like it.  But then again, ours was shortened this year - we are starting a couple of weeks earlier this year!!  UGH!!

Thanks Farley for hosting this linky.  I really enjoy reading other bloggers' posts.  I feel like I am learning so much about each of them when I read them.

Listening:  I have been wanting to watch The Last Ship since the advertisements before it aired, but have not had time.  I am now watching it on demand and catching up with the episodes I have not seen.  

Loving:  I am going to take advantage of the time I have left before school starts - only one full week left!!!!

Thinking:  I really need to balance my time between school and pleasure this week - I have way too much to do.

Wanting:  I really, really need a new printer?  The printer I have has been a great one, but it's on its last leg.  I am babying it along.  I am hoping I can make it until Black Friday when Wal-mart almost always has a printer on sale for dirt cheap!!!

Needing:  I have put off getting my hair done, but with only one week left, I need to get off my but and get it done.  I am going with red and blonde highlights again with a short cut.

First day:  Well, we are starting early this summer - August 11 for me and August 14 for the students. We usually start 2 weeks later, but with new legislation demanding we have our 180 days in, snow days or not, we are starting a couple of weeks sooner to get a those weeks in.  Last year we had over 20 snow days.  We only got in about 157 day last year.

***PS:  I have signed up for a postcard exchange this year for my class.  They are still missing Montana, Vermont, and Wyoming.  If you are from that state and are interested, please go sign up:


  1. Hey! I found you through Farley's link up! Wow - 27 snow days. I've lived in Vegas and AZ the last 10 years so I can't even imagine! Too bad you have to start earlier because of it, but hopefully it'll all work out in the end. Enjoy your last few days of summer!

    Team V's Second Grade Fun

    1. I hate the early start, but I guess I'll get used to it. I am just hoping that we get enough days in that we do not have to go too long at the end of the year. Worst case scenario, we may have to go to June 30 - if we get our days in, it will be the beginning of June.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Over 20 snow days? Wow! I live in San Diego. We had 2 fire days last year. That wasn't fun :(
    I'd love to have a snow day :)

    Teachin' Cutie Patooties

    1. I used to love snow days. Sometimes they came at a much needed time. Now I will probably grow to dread them because we have to make them all up. This is the first year with this in place, so we will have to see. We have some years that are super bad, and a few now and then that we only have a couple.

  3. OK, 20 snow days! WOW, I thought our 13 was a lot! So, how do you like The Last Ship? I've watched the first three episodes and really like it! I'm wondering where the story line is going to go. You can only stay on a shop so long. Good luck with your early start. I'm just a few days behind you. I'll go in this coming week and start working in my room for a few hours a day, easing into a regular work routine. BTW, I have a young lady in my class this year with the same last name as you;)


  4. So you guys are starting early! My room looked like a disaster area up until last night when we had "sneak a peek (and I threw everything into closets!)" Thanks for stopping my my blog. I'm a follower now!