Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Week's Worth of Readiness - A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Wow!  How to mess something up - not very together for a Together Teacher post!!!  I do apologize for getting this on here a day late.

This was a wonderful chapter full of information that I am going to use.  If I had already done so, this would have been posted yesterday!!!

I am totally in love with the Weekly Worksheet.  Having that to-do list right there in the open in just what I need.
Weekly Worksheet
I continue to appreciate the author's philosophy that "the process matters more than the product".  I totally agree with her.  There is no one-size-fits-all way for everyone to get organized.  Her steps through the process is extraordinary though.  The fact that she offers various worksheets (weekly worksheets) that allows everyone to select their own - or even have something to base their own from makes it very versatile.

Why do I like this weekly worksheet besides the to-do list format?  I like that there are multiple sects to put different types of tasks together.  In previous chapters, the author has mentioned to put like things together.  That only makes sense - right?  Why don't I do more of that?  I am now.  In the past, it would never fail that I would put all of my to-do's in one big list and end up not getting to most of it or get overwhelmed and say the heck with it.  I think that by categorizing things it is in more manageable chunks and that I am able to do like things together when it makes sense to do them - instead of flipping from one type of task to another.  

There are also Daily Worksheets that will also come in handy.  I am starting to put them in place as well.  The come in handy when I arrive at school and I can see what needs to be done before our staff meetings. Are there copies to be made, books to gather for my lesson, people to talk to, etc.  I am feeling so much more prepared for school.  I have to admit though that I am still working on gathering my non-school activities into the same place.  I am going to get there though.

Thank you Kelly from An Apple for the Teacher for letting me take part in your book study.

If you have not read the book yet, please make sure you pick up The Together Teacher by Maia Heyck-Merlin.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently

Wow!!!  Say it isn't so - is it really August already???  Did we have a summer break?  It sure don't feel like it.  But then again, ours was shortened this year - we are starting a couple of weeks earlier this year!!  UGH!!

Thanks Farley for hosting this linky.  I really enjoy reading other bloggers' posts.  I feel like I am learning so much about each of them when I read them.

Listening:  I have been wanting to watch The Last Ship since the advertisements before it aired, but have not had time.  I am now watching it on demand and catching up with the episodes I have not seen.  

Loving:  I am going to take advantage of the time I have left before school starts - only one full week left!!!!

Thinking:  I really need to balance my time between school and pleasure this week - I have way too much to do.

Wanting:  I really, really need a new printer?  The printer I have has been a great one, but it's on its last leg.  I am babying it along.  I am hoping I can make it until Black Friday when Wal-mart almost always has a printer on sale for dirt cheap!!!

Needing:  I have put off getting my hair done, but with only one week left, I need to get off my but and get it done.  I am going with red and blonde highlights again with a short cut.

First day:  Well, we are starting early this summer - August 11 for me and August 14 for the students. We usually start 2 weeks later, but with new legislation demanding we have our 180 days in, snow days or not, we are starting a couple of weeks sooner to get a those weeks in.  Last year we had over 20 snow days.  We only got in about 157 day last year.

***PS:  I have signed up for a postcard exchange this year for my class.  They are still missing Montana, Vermont, and Wyoming.  If you are from that state and are interested, please go sign up:

Friday, August 1, 2014

Today is the Day - Giveaway Time!!!

This is soooooo exciting!!  To be part of such a great community of creative teachers - what a thought!!!  Everyone is so wonderful.  Today begins the HUGE giveaway.  

 Over 100 TpT sellers and Etsy creators have donated these products. There are 7 prize packs and each are grouped by grade level. You can enter to win them all! The more entry tasks you complete the better your chances of winning. Plus you can share this giveaway on your Blog, Facebook or Pinterest once a day for an additional 10 entries each day! So without further ado.....

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