Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's Get This Started with a Friday Find

I went and finally did it this year.  I moved from my support position as an inclusive special education teacher in the middle school to becoming a General Ed. - 3rd Grade teacher.  I am so excited, so nervous, so everything!  I have considered moving to a general ed class for a few years now, and I always pulled out last minute.  I went with my heart and jumped feet first this year!!!!!

I have been in my classroom a few days so far.  The floors have been cleaned, I have moved in all of my stuff from my old office (closet), I have sorted through all of my stuff.  Now I need to go through what was already there, decide what to keep and where to put everything, wait for them to paint the first week or so of August.  I can then pretty everything up and add the touches of me to the room!!!

My mind is going a hundred miles a minute with all of my ideas and things I know I need to do.  I have so many questions yet to answer as well.  I know I will get there - little steps at a time though!  

To get my blog started out, I wanted to share something I found today.  I ran across a wonderful blog post that has a comparison chart of the prices on school supplies for this week.  Since I am going to be taking my daughter on a preliminary run for school shopping - as well as picking up some stuff for my own room, I thought this was a pretty helpful item.  

Go check it out for yourself at Pocket Your Dollars!!!!


  1. I just found your darling blog. Third grade is a fun grade to teach. You will love it. I love the name of your blog very inspirational!
    The Hive

  2. Your blog is very inviting...I mentioned you on my blog...go take a peek!