Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Erin Conden Planner!!!!!

Oh my goodness!  I got my Erin Conden planner this week!  It is fabulous!!

After seeing posts about Erin Conden products on other blogs, I just had to check them out.  I was not sure I wanted to spend that much on a planner, but I decided to give it a chance. - After all, others were well pleased with theirs.  As a matter of fact, I did not find anyone that was not happy with theirs.

It was well worth the splurge!  I've just got to share - although the pictures do not do it justice!!!

The cover - it has a hard laminate covering it - and of course it is personalized!
I ordered matching notepads - personalized too - that are peel and stick that I put inside the front cover!
The first page to write on - a place to put codes, websites, and passwords and such.
A place to put special events, and volunteer contacts - then some notes for subs!
One page for all the holidays in the year!
A page to list all the student birthdays!
A place to track abscences - and whether they brought a note or not!
Several check-list pages so that you can track what you want!!
A place to draw a seating chart - a few pages of these to give room for all the changes that get made throughout the year!
Long term planning - curriculum mapping!!! I can see me using this as I work with the Common Core Standards!
A calendar and page for each month of the year to allow for easier planning & scheduling!
The actual planner pages - one for each week of the school year!  Aren't they gorgeous?
Several pages for notes!
Various stickers to use in the plans and schedules - pages of them!
Two-sided pocket to store things.  And yes - that is a 20% off coupon to use on a future purchase.  I already know I want the life planner as well as their markers.
Inside back cover has a clear zip-pocket as well as a year at a glance for 2012 and 2013.  Inside that clear pocket is matching personalized complimentary stickers - love them!!

Don't you just love it?!?!?!
It's almost too pretty to write in, but I can see myself carrying this everywhere!  

You'll want to check out her website:  


  1. Sara, I love your blog! I have got to check out where you got your planner. I love it! I'm your newest follower. I also gave you the One Lovely Blog award on my page. Check it out!
    Teaching Is Love

  2. ONe of these days I'm going to splurge on that planner,too! Yours is adorable!

    Teaching with Moxie