Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to School Linky Party

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Third in Hollywood is hosting a Back-to-School link party.  What a wonderful idea - to be able to find all sorts of Back-to-School materials all in one place!!!  What more could we need??

Here is my contribution to back-to-school.  Click on the picture or here to check it out.
Back to school multiplication game
It is a game to practice multiplication facts.  It includes five game boards.  Students ideally would use  10-sided dice, or they can use a spinner, multiply the two numbers together and mark the answer they get on the board.  It can be played individually or with a partner.  If playing with a partner, each student can have their own board, or to make it more challenging, they could use one board to see who covers the most answers.  So many options for play.  

My class last year loved these games.  I have created a few more seasonal ones as well.  I used them as part of my center activities, but some students would pull them out during indoor recess as well.

Be sure to go visit Third in Hollywood to check out all of the other great back-to-school items.


  1. My students love Roll & Cover games - I love the graphics you used in yours: very cute! :) It's an awesome way to have students practice their multiplication facts while playing a game - a win-win! :) Great work!

    Joy in the Journey

    1. Thanks for the comments. Yes - kids love them and don't realize they are learning.

  2. LOVE this idea :) Thanks for linking up :)