Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Science & Social Studies Pins

I am so enjoying the 10 Pin Summer Linky Party.  Ashley @ Just Reed hosts a weekly linky to share links for a specific topic.  I was already a Pinterest addict, now she is enabling that addiction. - However, she is making me go back and look at what I have already pinned, so that is a good thing!

This week we are sharing Science and Social Studies pins.  I am looking forward to seeing what others share.

1.  This landform flip book is such a cute idea.  I like that it enables students to see each landform in reference to the others.  And - it's a freebie!!!

2.  If you have a Smartboard - or the Smartboard software, this is a fun activity.  Students get to drag states to their appropriate location!!!!  My students had a blast with this last year!
 Source: Smart Exchange

3.  Pearson has some nice resources for teaching American symbols, and they are adding to them.  Right now, there are 3, but they have many others listed as coming soon.  These include movies that are very relatable for students.
Source:  Pearson

4.  Don't you just love foldables?  I do, and I am planning on doing more of them this year to add to my journals for each subject.  This foldable is for learning about explorers.  Adding that interactive piece, allows many kinesthetic learners to get more involved.
Source:  The Inspired Classroom blog
5.  One of our final units of the year is learning about our own state - West Virginia.  I usually have students create a brochure for a tourist attraction or the state in general.  I had found this pin, and thought - "I do that!"
Source:  The Inspired Classroom blog
This pin is just AWESOME!  I am going to use this for sure!!!  It shows each planet as if it were as close to us as the moon.  Neato idea!!!!
Source:  Unknown
7.  Who doesn't love to use edibles when teaching - especially Oreos!!  This pin uses Oreos to show the phases of the moon.  My kids loved this one too!!
Source:  Unknown

8.  This website has all kinds of interactives for all subjects, and science is no exception.
Source:  All Free Teacher Resources blog

9.  Love to get a little dirty, then this pin is for you.  I think the kids would enjoy this project idea for teaching how erosion occurs.
Source:  TLC How stuff works

10:  When learning the states of matter, my kiddos love the slime/goop labs we have.  I found this one after the fact this year, and might add it to the mix!!!
Source:  All Things Simple blog

So many links, so little time.  I hope I found some that inspire you.  I can't wait to explore those that others share!!!  Make sure you link up so that you can add to my pins!!!

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